It’s rare to find something which will allow you to improve your quality of life whilst saving you money and benefiting the environment all at the same time. However, installing a Nexus Water Softener is a good example of such a rare jewel. Installing an Nexus Water Softener will remove hardness and allow you and your family to enjoy all the benefits that come with softened water, these include:

Quality of Life


Improved quality
of life

Not only will your toiletries go further, but your personal care products, cleaning products and energy will cost you less.

Reduced shopping bills soaps and cleaning products
By using softened water your soaps, shampoos and other cleaning products will go further. In addition, you will no longer need such harsh powerful detergents and products for removing limescale from fittings and appliances. All this adds up to significant savings.

Towels, clothing and bedding
Softened water will remove mineral deposits coating material fibers and, much like hair, make them soft and smooth. This will make clothing, towels and bedding softer and fluffier and reduce the need for hard detergents. All this will result in increased lifespans for clothing and bedding.

Improved appliance life
Water Quality Association and other studies have shown that appliances work more efficiently and live longer with softened water. In fact, they could live up to 30% longer. Hard water deposits on heating surfaces, clogs pipes and ceases valves and other moving parts. This puts extra load on the appliances’ components, making them work harder, and in turn means they fail more quickly. This means additional repair bills and a reduced appliance life. If your washing machine, dishwasher and kettle could live 30% longer surely thats good for your pocket and the environment.


The return on
your investment

In the current financial climate we’d all like to know that we’re not only getting the best value for money at the point of purchase, but that the purchases we make are actually earning their keep & paying for themselves through providing savings on money, time and effort.

Reduced Energy Bills Lime scale deposits on heating surfaces in washing machines, dishwashers, water heaters and even kettles reduces their efficiency significantly. Studies have show domestic hot water systems can suffer 25% drop in efficiency due to the build up of lime scale on heating elements and pipework.

Using softened water will gently remove the deposited scale, prevent further scaling and help restore the efficiency of the system. The DECC estimates the average domestic energy bill for a family in the UK to be around £1,260 per annum. According to the Energy Saving Trust more than half of this goes on heating and hot water. Savings will depend on your size of house, energy usage and state of water heating systems. However, if you could make even a 15% improvement on the efficiency of your hot water system it could potentially save money.

Once the initial purchase and installation have been completed. Nexus water softeners, are one of the most inexpensive and reliable pieces of home appliance equipment you’ll ever purchase.

The Nexus range has been designed to use the minimum necessary amount of water (only regenerate once or twice a week) and a tiny amount of electricity. Typical running costs tend to be in the region less than a few pounds per year.

the ROI



Environmental benefits

Not only will your toiletries go further, but your personal care products, cleaning products and energy will cost you less.

Using an ion exchange water softener can help the environment in a number ways:

  • It will help maintain a high level of efficiency in water heaters, fittings and appliances which will significantly reduce household energy consumption and result in a reduced Carbon footprint.
  • It will mean natural biodegradable soaps will perform better and will reduce the need for the manufacture of synthetic detergents and mean fewer harsh synthetic detergents going back into the environment.
  • It will mean a longer lifespan for appliances, which will reduce the need for mining, manufacturing, material processing and reduce wastage and energy consumption.
  • Clothing, towels and bedding will last longer and this will also mean fewer raw materials are needed and more resources can be diverted to growing crops.


​Wondering how a water softener works? Never heard of water hardness? Exactly how much will I save thanks to a Nexus water softener? Find out more through our simple Frequently Asked Questions.