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Our range of Nexus water softeners have been specially designed and manufactured for UK homes and British families.

A Nexus water softener stops limescale and will provide you with luxurious soft water for your home. Our range of softeners have been designed for any size home and will fit in even the most compact spaces. A Nexus water softener will also protect your home appliances and heating system, ensuring lower energy bills. Promising you nothing more and nothing less than perfect soft water.


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Installing a Nexus Water Softener will give you a bunch of benefits. You will notice the difference in limescale reduction, your energy bill, skin & hair, better operation of all your household appliances,…

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Discover our Water Softeners.

​Nexus is a brand of Pollet Water Group, an established water softener manufacturer with over 30 years of experience. Launched in 2022, the Nexus range is the result of years of experience, Research & Development and, above all, a focus on high quality water for our UK households. Not a complex range, but a simple next step to perfect water. Discover our 3 water softeners: Resolve, Resolve Xtra and the Resolve Xtreme

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​Nexus works exclusively with water treatment professionals and experienced dealers. They proudly represent the Nexus brand, and will help you on your way. You can find a dealer near you who will assist you with advice and get you started with the right appliance for your home. They will take care of installation, maintenance and follow-up. Thanks to your Nexus dealer, you can easily take the next step towards perfect water.



​Wondering how a water softener works? Never heard of water hardness? Exactly how much will I save thanks to a Nexus water softener? Find out more through our simple Frequently Asked Questions.